About Us

Innokofa provides that special heritage piece of enduring value to cherish for yourself or invest in for future generations. Our product line includes jewellery for men and women, scarves and fine art.

Jewellery for men and women

We feature Ghanaian Adinkra symbols which communicate proverbs and parables from the rich Ashanti tradition and Ancient Egyptian symbols such as the Ankh and the Eye of Horus. We also offer contemporary designs. In addition we accept bespoke commissions. Our jewellery is primarily cast in solid gold featuring 18 karat yellow, 14 karat yellow, rose and white gold and platinum. We also produce pieces in premium silver.

Our Brand

Our name ‘Innokofa’ is a blend of ‘innovation’ and Sankofa – the Ghanaian Adinkra symbol which teaches us the wisdom of learning from the past, to build for the future.

We are an African-inspired brand that combines innovative design with heritage and the African aesthetic. We offer products that are elegant, inspired and futuristic.

How we got started

Glenn Lewis, artist and designer, first travelled to Ghana in the mid-90s as part of a visiting US academic group. He forged strong ties with Aid to Artisans Ghana (ATAG) and returning to Ghana over a 10-year period to assist ATAG artisans with computer-aided product design methodologies to enhance development of their product lines.

The Adinkra symbols captured Glenn’s imagination from his very first visit. He created a digital Adinkra symbol font, which was donated to schools, technical institutes and Universities throughout the country.

Over the years Glenn gained exposure to the rich cultural traditions and heritage of Ghana. Inspired to create finely designed, precision-crafted Afrocentric jewellery, he started his own high-end collection. Today’s Innokofa jewellery range is an iteration of his original line.

Our Team

From personal adventure to business venture.

When co-founders Glenn and Denise relocated to Accra, Ghana from the US and UK respectively, 10 years ago they had no idea that nuptuals would prevail. Through their journey, ideas percolated which resulted in the formation of Innokofa.

Glenn brings his passion for design, and digital craftsmanship, infusing his creations with an African aesthetic and cutting edge technology.

Denise brings her passion for African cultural heritage and history, and focuses on marketing and communications.

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