Sankofa Fluid Bracelet III

$2,730.00 USD $3,114.00 USD

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This bracelet features a center mounted Sankofa symbol with flowing geometric elements around the bracelet.

Sankofa literally means ‘go back and take’; in essence it urges us to draw from the past, in order to build the future.

Bracelets are available with other Symbols upon request.

Bracelets Weight
Small DWT 1.94 Grams 3.01
Medium DWT 1.98 Grams 2.94
Large DWT 1.92 Grams 2.98

Bracelets Wrist measurements
Small 4.76-5.25 in 121-133 mm
Medium 5.76-6.25 in 146-159 mm
Large 6.26-7.25 in 159-171 mm

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